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Dental implants

Dental implantology is a branch of dentistry which is connected with the replacement of missing teeth with the use of implants.

This youngest of all dentistry branches, thanks to intensive research and development, can reconstruct partial or complete anodontia (missing teeth) in a manner closest to their natural appearance.
In order to attach the implant, there has to be an appropriate bone capacity. When there is a lack in the above mentioned capacity, guided bone regeneration (GBR) or guided tissue regeneration (GTR) is necessary.

In our clinic we focus on complex rehabilitation of oral cavity with respect to biology and esthetic requirements.

Why are implants a good investment?

Dental implants are an investment for life and a good implant system assures the patient with comfortable, and perfect as well as aesthetic fillings.

A consultation with our specialist will provide you with all the necessary information.

In difficult cases, after a computer tomography test will be done, the Facilitate Pro® software allows us to plan the implantation surgery in a foreseeable and safe manner, which shortens the treatment time.

In Mierzyn Stomatology and Implantology Centre, we use the following implantology systems:
- Astra Tech® - very well known for almost 30 years titanium implants
- Biogenesis® - proven titanium implants
- Zirkolith® - Swiss metal-free (zirconia), highly esthetic implants

We would like to draw special attention to Zirkolith® implants made by Swiss company Z-Systems.

Mierzyn Stomatology and Implantology Centre is the first place in Poland that patient can benefit from the most technologically advanced implant system, used all over the world for over 12 years.

Metal-free, highly biocompatible Zirconia implant:

  • Perfect esthetics, white. No visible grey rings or shadows, even in case of thin or receding gingiva
  • Hypoallergenic, immunologically neutral
  • Less biofilm deposits on ZrO2 implants than on titanium implants, resulting in a reduced risk of associated diseases
  • such as peri-implantitis, cardio-vascular diseases and stroke
  • Excellent osseointegration due to unique laser-modifi ed surface (SLM®)

Below you can see how Zirkolith® implants integrate with gingiva - beautiful natural colour. The last photograph shows crowns placed on zirconia implants - high estethics of naturally white implant harmonizes with the crown colour.

Our doctors teach
Our doctors teach
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