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The Mierzyn Dental and Implant Center provides a 5 year warranty on the surgery conducted by its specialists.

The warranty is provide for patients who:
  1. have finished the treatment in accordance with the treatment plan
  2. report for follow-up examinations appointed by their dentist
  3. keep oral cavity hygiene on a satisfactory level
  4. perform hygienic treatments according to the recommendation of their dentist
  5. 5 year warranty on prosthetic work conducted on the implants (applies also for implant abutments)
  6. After 5 years the warranty can be prolonged for another year under the condition that the patient obeys the treatment guidelines provided by their attending physician.

The warranty conditions are determined by the attending physician before the beginning of the treatment on the bases of a treatment plan which has been accepted by the patient.
Our doctors teach
Our doctors teach
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